TicketDirect Australia

Partnership is ticketing power, and nobody knows your Events better than you!

TicketDirect delivers a powerful, flexible and economical ticketing solution for your events, your venue and your customers.

TicketDirect Australia (TDA) has created a system which is reshaping the Ticketing industry by giving you control over ticketing and audience development. TDA's software and business model allows you to retain control over all aspects of your operations, build knowledge about your customers and increase your revenue.

We have used the latest programming tools and internet technologies to deliver a ticketing software system that is robust, easy to use and works with you to generate business and increase revenue.

Events and Entertainment Venues are our specialty. Using tailored ticketing software, TDA provides business solutions to promoters, major sporting venues, including the Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium, and over 70 performing arts and sports stadia across Australia and NZ.

With over 5 million tickets sold in NZ & Australia, TDA is a company you can trust to deliver every time.

Fortress Information Systems Ltd.

Fortress Information Systems is Australasia's premier Ticketing Software and Service Company. We are a New Zealand owned and operated specialty software house that provides business solutions to Venues across the region and to Promoters for a wide range of sporting events and theatrical tours. Our success to date is based upon our flagship product, Castellan, and the utmost importance we put on customer care and support.

Early in 1998, we perceived a need in the Ticketing industry for a software system that would enable a Venue to control its own Ticketing and Customer Relationship Management functions. Traditionally, the 'Big Companies' have taken ticketing away from a Venue, resulting in a loss of operational control, reduced flexibility and the elimination of a valuable revenue source. The subsequent 'Monopoly' has exploited Venues, Promoters and Customers alike, leaving everyone out of pocket and with little choice in service - until now.

Fortress has gone to great lengths to design a system that is reshaping the Ticketing Industry. Our software and business model provide an avenue for Venues to retain control over the important aspects of their operations, build knowledge about their customers and keep ticketing revenue in the local economy. We have used the latest programming tools and Internet technologies to deliver a software system that is robust, fun to work with and simply light years ahead of the competition.